Nikolaikirche and the Tanners' and Dyers' Fountain

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Work on this single-nave gothic church, erected on site of an older chapel, started in 1358. After the Reformation the church first served as a chapel for laying out the dead, and later as a storeroom. In 1823 the Nikolaikirche was made available to the newly created Catholic parish of Reutlingen until St. Wolfgang Church was built in 1910. The Nikolaikirche notably survived the great fire of Reutlingen of 1726 undamaged, despite the fact that the conflagration started in one of the neighbouring houses. This verges on little short of a miracle, as the terrible fire raged for almost 48 hours and laid waste to the majority of the town’s buildings.

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Nikolaikirche and the Tanners' and Dyers' Fountain

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